8462 General Puller Hwy Topping, VA 23169

9:00 am Mass Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday

Administrative Office Hours:  Tuesday through Thursday 

 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Phone: 804-758-5160



Rev. Gerry Kaggwa.


Church Administrator

Ray Kostesky


Church Secretary

Andrea Moore

Parishioner Guidelines COVID-19

Dear Parishioners,


As you are aware, the Diocese has suspended all Masses for the time being and enacted

guidance on a myriad of issues which we are obligated to follow.


Their guidance partly covered issues pertaining solely to me and employees and will not be

covered here within.


As a health precaution, this week the church was initially sanitized and will be sanitized again this weekend. Effective immediately, the church will be closed and only open on Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-1pm for the expressed purpose of prayer. Any other business should be conducted via email or phone call. We will be checking the phones frequently to answer any questions and respond to your needs. In the event of an emergency or you need to talk to a priest, call the rectory at 804-286-9271.


Several compassionate and caring parishioners have volunteered to help other parishioners if needed with shopping and vital errands. If you need assistance with these tasks, call the office and we will pass that information on to the Assistance Team Leaders (Kathy Kauffman and Lynne Richardson) who will arrange to get you help. For those of you who have already volunteered to help, we have given your name to Kathy and Lynne.


Although our pastoral care ministry is vibrant and energetic, the Diocesan guidelines prohibit lay volunteers from visiting the sick in any official capacity. Visiting the sick for now will be my responsibility.


We recognize that many parishioners have keys to the church and could conceivably enter at 


We ask you not do that because we need to be aware of who and when persons

access the church.

For that reason, we ask that all persons coming to the church for prayer or another vital reason observe the office hours and enter only through the doors by the office. If you need to visit the church outside of office hours, call the rectory for permission to do so from me.


We will attempt to publish a truncated bulletin weekly, containing my Homily and other pertinent information. This Sunday and as long as church services are suspended, the Bishop will celebrate Mass online at www.richmonddiocese.org /livestream at 10am.


Finally, we will attempt to operate in an austere manner during this crisis but will continue to experience fixed expenses. If you can, please continue to support us financially as you see fit and can afford, via mail


We all need to pray for the safety of each other, our families, and all human beings.


God Bless and Peace be with you.

Very Reverend Gerald Kaggwa, V.F.