We have begun the process of returning to a pre-pandemic celebration of the Liturgy. We will continue to follow the established guidelines we have been using, which are enumerated below.


1. Masks: Fully Vaccinated Effective May 15, 2021: Fully vaccinated people will no longer need to wear a mask in any setting.

Unvaccinated: From ages 5 and older must cover their mouth and nose with a mask when present for any Mass or Liturgical Celebration.

2. Hand Sanitizer: All entering the Church are asked to use the hand sanitizer placed at the entrance

3. Music Ministry: Choir may resume

4. Lord’s Prayer and Sign of Peace: We are to continue the practice of refraining from holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer and shaking
hands during the Sign of Peace (bow or verbal gesture is appropriate).

5. Distribution of the Cup: The distribution of the Cup remains suppressed for deacons and lay faithful until further notice.

6. Ushers: Resume their normal procedures/functions as it was pre-Covid-19 except for collections. We will continue to use the baskets placed
in the entrance.

7. Bulletins: We will continue to distribute them electronically until further notice.

God’s Blessing upon you all,
Father Gerry