Father John Boddie Scholarship

The monies received from the Foundation for the Father John D. Boddie Memorial Scholarship/Grant Fund will only be used for educational programs within the Parish and/or in support of Parish members’ education in outside institutions. The priorities for monetary distribution are as follows:

  1. Graduating High School Seniors;
  2. College Students;
  3. Graduate Level Education;
  4. Parish Educational Programs including, but not limited to, Faith Formation for Children, Adult Education, Bible Study, and Guest Speaker Seminars;
  5. Grants to St. Noa School in Uganda;
  6. Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

The applications are listed below and can be downloaded for use.

Applications for scholarships must be submitted by Mid-March each year. Applications for grants can be submitted at any time, but will only be reviewed after a review of scholarship applications submitted by March of that year.

The Eligibility Criteria vary with each scholarship/grant and are listed on the individual application form.

The scholarship/grant fund receives money from the Foundation in the June/July time-frame each year.